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On behalf of our North American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian colleagues and team members, welcome to the new fiveDlearning website and our new blog! We’re excited about the new site, which reflects many of the lessons we’ve been learning over the past few years in a form we hope you will find useful.

We work in a fast-changing area, so instead of just carrying over the old blog posts, we’re revising them to make sure the result reflects the current state of our thinking and the current state of the art in our field. We’re also re-organizing them based on client feedback, to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s going to take a few weeks, so stay tuned! Below is an idea of what to expect coming up. For those still learning about us, the acronym “HD,” below, means ‘human development’.

• Introducing 5DL: What We Do, and Why
• Introducing 5DL: How We Work
• Introducing 5DL: Core Values and Best Practices
• 5DL Tools: The Five Dimensions of High-Impact Learning
• 5DL Tools: Implementing High-Performance HD with BASHH™
• 5DL Tools: The 5DL Vital Learning Habits™
• 5DL Tools: High Performance Learning with LADDER2
• 5DL Tools: Experiential Learning and the 5DL Practica™
• 5DL Tools: Organizational Realignment with CriticalMASS™
• 5DL Tools: Why We Use Open Educational Resources (OER)
• 5DL Tools: The Project Design Process and Community Charrettes™
• 5DL Tools: Collaboration as a Muscle (CLAAM™)
• 5DL Tools: Continuing Quality Improvement (CQI) and Continuing Impact Improvement™ (CII)
• 5DL Tools: Learning v. Training v. Coaching v. Practica™: When and How to Use What, and Why
• Achieving HD Productivity: Principles and Best Practices
• Achieving HD Sustainability: Principles and Best Practices
• Achieving HD Scalability: Principles and Best Practices
• Achieving HD Sovereignty (Self-Determination): Principles and Best Practices
• “Flipping” HD: Why G7 HD Strategies Fail in Emerging Economies

(Some of us write faster than others, so the posting sequence may depend on who is revising what 😊). The old posts are still available, but we’d encourage you to wait for the new ones. Knowledge changes fast in all these areas, and you don’t want to be making vital decisions based on outdated information. We promise to get it done quickly.
Once we get the backlog revised and republished, we expect to be blogging regularly on some themes we find ourselves engaging repeatedly in our work. Here are some examples:

• Emerging Economy HD Challenges
• HD in Education and Vocational Training
• HD in Research and Tech Transfer
• HD in Government Programming
• HD in the Private Sector
• HD in Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility
• Workforce Development and Economic Development Challenges
• Current Projects: What We’re Learning
• Insights from the Learning Science Labs
• Emerging HD Best-Practices: What’s on the Horizon
• Global HD Events of Note – the 5DL™ Take
• The 5DL™ Book Club: What We’re Reading about HD and Why

We will look forward to your reactions in the “comments” sections below. In addition, if you have ideas for other blog posts or series you’d like to see, or if you read something that makes you want to have a conversation, we’re delighted to hear from you. Contact us at info@fivedlearning.com.
We hope you enjoy and find value in our site and our work. If we can be of service, please let us know.


Warm regards,


Chris Mackie