High-Performance Solutions

Our team of experts have several centuries of collective experience in designing and delivering successful, scalable, sustainable human development and social infrastructure projects. We have worked at every scale from hyper-local to global. It can be helpful to think of most our work in a few broad categories, including:

  • Human Development. We enhance capabilities for an identified group of people, for their own benefit and often also for the benefit of the organization that employs them. The most common request is for internal staff development but external projects, such as philanthropic or corporate social responsibility investments, are also common. Other examples are programs for on-boarding personnel, for uplifting volunteer cohorts (for example, museum docent volunteers), and for uplifting staff identified as particularly high or low-performance.
  • Curriculum Design. We create or enhance educational or vocational curriculum, at program, department, campus, system, or national scale. In addition, we prepare your staff to deliver the new curriculum sustainably, at high levels of quality and performance.
  • Funding Program/Portfolio Design. We design and deliver sustainable, continuously improving funding programs or portfolios that successfully align with your organization’s mission, and we prepare your staff to operate the program or oversee the portfolio successfully.
  • Organization Design and Development. These are the most complex projects we undertake. As part of a plan for a newly created or uplifted unit, division, organization, or larger project (such as a multi-organization collaboration or a “new city” project), we develop and implement a comprehensive operational plan to acquire and prepare the needed personnel according to the master schedule, and design and deliver any needed organizational structures, policies, procedures, and practices.
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Are you ready to achieve your highest performance?

We work beyond the scope of ordinary training providers. Our programs target under-performance habits, not just skills and knowledge.